Practice Areas

With a broad understanding of the Brazilian legal scenario and a global perspective, Fialdini Advogados provides a high standard structure to meet the needs of national and foreign clients in a dynamic manner. We offer complete legal solutions with a personalized approach and exceptional technical expertise.

Our Competencies:

We specialize in addressing the legal and regulatory challenges that surround the adult content industry. Our legal team is prepared to provide accurate and strategic guidance, ensuring compliance with current laws and protecting the interests of our clients in this sector.

In the complex world of betting and gambling, our firm stands out by providing personalized legal support. We assist companies and individuals in navigating ever-changing regulations, ensuring compliance, and offering guidance for successful and ethical operations in the betting and gambling industry.

We offer specialized expertise in capital market transactions and investment funds. We guide you through complex structures, ensuring compliance and optimizing opportunities.

We ensure that your company operates within the laws and regulations, mitigating legal risks and protecting your reputation. We provide precise guidance to ensure compliance in an ever-evolving landscape.

We provide comprehensive support for corporate matters, from business formation to complex restructurings. We protect your interests and ensure legal compliance.

We draft and review contracts that reflect your business needs. From negotiation to drafting, we are focused on ensuring strong agreements that minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

We are pioneers in providing legal support for disruptive technologies. We assist in understanding the legal complexities surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain, enabling you to innovate with confidence.

Our focus is to protect your interests in cases of investigations, inspections, or regulatory administrative proceedings. We act in defense of your company against allegations of financial fraud, offering robust strategies and experienced representation to ensure the best possible outcomes in challenging situations and safeguard your reputation.

We understand the nuances of the financial market and provide precise legal insights. From traditional institutions to new entrants, we help you thrive in a dynamic industry.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem. We provide specialized guidance for fintech companies of all sizes, from startups to authorized institutions, covering regulatory issues to strategic partnerships, driving your success.

Our firm has extensive expertise in providing guidance and assistance in operations involving Forex and CFDs. We offer specialized support to help investors understand the markets, manage risks, and make informed decisions to achieve their objectives.

We protect your intellectual assets, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Our services range from registration to enforcement, ensuring the ongoing value of your intellectual property.

We ensure healthy employment relationships. We provide guidance on labor laws, resolve disputes, and help create equitable and productive work environments.

Our experienced team represents your interests in civil and labor disputes. We seek effective solutions through negotiation or administrative and judicial processes, aiming to protect your rights and interests.

We assist in navigating the complex regulations of payment methods. From traditional systems to innovative solutions, we provide guidance to keep your operations efficient and compliant.

Navigate complex regulations with confidence. We provide strategic guidance to ensure that your operations meet ever-changing regulatory requirements, as well as interface with regulators in authorization requests and registrations.

Our comprehensive approach includes not only guidance to ensure compliance with tax laws and strategic planning but also provides strong support in administrative and judicial tax litigation. Whether seeking preventive solutions or dealing with tax disputes, our experienced team is ready to defend your interests at all stages, from negotiations with tax authorities to legal proceedings.

We understand the legal dynamics involved in innovative businesses. Our services range from guidance on specific regulations to assistance in complex transactions, providing strategic insights to ensure the success of your technological initiatives in today’s ever-evolving market.

We support both investors and startups in venture capital transactions. Our expertise spans from due diligence to investment structuring to ensure successful outcomes.